Shaun the Sheep DIY Birthday Decorations

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Shaun the Sheep D.I.Y Birthday Decorations

  1. Handmade Shaun the Sheep cupcakes using fondant and Jiffy miniature, crunchy marshmallows!
  2. Balloons and balloon sticks, black permanent marker to draw faces…Voila! Sheep dotting the land, ready to greet your birthday guests.
  3. Window paint used to create sheep on the windows along with cutout grass borders bought from Joannes Craft store.
  4. Balloon with felt cutouts to represent Shaun the Sheep (don’t forget the tuft of cotton for his head)!
  5. Green cutlery wrapped in orange napkin to look like a carrot. Brown plates to represent the earth.
  6. D.I.Y Clouds made of batting and hung up by clear fishing line.
  7. Window paint used on front doors to help give that barn feel.
  8.  Sheep poop party favor – chocolate covered raisins
  9.  Fresh Picked Carrot Napkin Settings
  10. Light and dark balloons on the ceiling to represent the sky.
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